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Services I Offer

Together we can  decide the right approach for your situation.

01. Couples

My style is to get right down to business in identifying where a committed couple is getting stuck in their relationship.

Together we identify the communication and relational patterns that are getting in the way of connection and intimacy. I offer compassionate but forthright feedback and direction to help each person see themselves more clearly and gain the tools to approach their spouse with courage and honesty. 

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02. Discernment Counseling

Given the immense challenge of a life-long, happy marriage many people find themselves unsure if working to save the marriage is the right thing.

It's normal to feel confused and overwhelmed by such a high-stakes decision. Whether you are on the brink of divorce or silently unsure, discernment counseling is a short-term, intensive approach to help you make a decision about what to do in your marriage with intelligence, clarity, and confidence. Working through this decision in a transparent way, openly with your spouse, will give you the best chance at either more effective couple’s counseling or a more collaborative divorce. Learn more here.

03. Parent Mediation and Coaching

Divorce happens. Even though I work hard to help committed parents avoid this outcome, not every marriage will go the distance, and when this happens every parent thinks first about how it will affect the children.

 I work with parents as a mediator and coach to help them understand the needs of their children, make good parenting decisions together, and begin the transition of their relationship from married partners to parenting partners with more dignity and less conflict.

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04. Individuals

Although relationship work is my biggest passion, I have worked with hundreds of adults on a wide variety of life issues and mental health concerns. If you’d prefer to meet with me one-on-one, I’m happy to talk.

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Additional Resources & Options

Collaborative Divorce

If you’re considering divorce, please include Collaborative Divorce in your research, a legal process specifically designed to avoid court and support collaborative decision-making. CD professionals are specifically trained to resolve all matters with dignity and respect. Learn more here.


If you’re not sure what kind of help you need but want to hire me for a short term coaching or consultation session regarding your life challenge, I’m happy to talk.

Couples Intensive

I also offer intensive sessions (3-hour, half day or full day) because for some couples there is urgency to figure things out, and when there is a crisis, a slower, gradual drip of support simply doesn’t cut it.

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How it Works

Step 1

You can first either request a phone consultation to tell me what you’re looking for help with and learn about me, or you can send me a message with the same information. I’ll do my best to respond promptly.

Step 2

We’ll schedule an initial meeting. I work Monday – Friday and see clients in-person in my office in Woodbury, MN. I also offer virtual sessions. The first session is 90 - 120 minutes and you will leave with clear goals and a good sense of what working with me will be like.

Step 3

Together we will decide how often to meet, how many sessions, and for how long. I typically work with couples for 3 - 6 months. You will have a good idea of the specific ideas and skills you will be working on in order to be successful. Then we get to it!


"Discernment counseling transformed our marriage."

"Initially hopeless, Brian’s challenging yet humorous approach helped us gain deep insights about ourselves and each other. We now enjoy a relationship we never thought possible and continue growing as partners. Forever grateful for his guidance."

-Former client (female, age 48)

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Fees and Payment?
    My fee is dependent on the service being provided. Please contact me directly for hourly rates. I typically take payment at the end of every meeting via cash, check, credit card, HSA card, or Venmo.
  • What about insurance?
    I do not take insurance for couples, family or mediation services. Simply put, insurance companies significantly limit the manner in which I am able to help you solve your relationship problems. If requested I can provide a detailed receipt that may be submitted for out-of-network reimbursement, if your insurance plan includes those benefits. If you would like to use your insurance for individual therapy, please check to see if working with me is covered. I’m in network with: United, Medica, Optum.
  • Do you offer Virtual Sessions?
    Although I prefer to meet in person when possible, I offer secure, confidential virtual appointments on Zoom. Just make sure you have a safe and private space, no interruptions, and a stable internet connection. I do not conduct meetings over zoom while clients are in a moving vehicle or public/non-private setting.

There IS a better way.

Let me help you see yourself more clearly and learn the skills to get unstuck.

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