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Meet Brian

My graduate degree is in family social science, where I specialized in marriage and family therapy. I have advanced training in conflict resolution, child and family development, collaborative mediation, and multiple models of couples counseling, including Emotion-Focused, the Gottman Approach, and Relational Life Therapy. I regularly participate in continuing education and peer consultation to stay sharp.

Additionally, I am an Approved Supervisor for the MN Board of Marriage and Family Therapy, and have trained many graduate level students and new therapists in couple’s therapy. I have been featured in more than a dozen podcast interviews and teach regularly to groups of therapists, lawyers and other professionals about communication skills, relational awareness, infidelity and conflict resolution.

My Mission

My life experience informs my work, and my work makes my life better.


I’ve been married 29 years and counting and have experienced all the challenges of being human in committed relationships. I’ve never been divorced but I’ve worked with hundreds who have, and their pain is real. I know as well as anyone the challenge and blessing of modern family life, the importance of getting it right, and the high stakes when things go wrong. I’m a better man because I do this work. 

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What I Value

Honesty, kindness, respect, humility and playfulness are core to my approach.


For better or worse, I use my humor. I will push you. I value feedback and will ask for it. You will quickly know if my approach works for you.

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More About Me

I am an energetic therapist, husband and father.

Even with years of marriage and close relationships under my belt, I am still figuring out ways to be better. Even relationship experts have to be honest and look hard in the mirror. When I’m not in session I spend time with my wife and closely follow the adventures of my four adult daughters.

I also enjoy a variety of podcasts and reading, and chasing the next outdoor adventure – in the inspired words of John Muir, “Of all of the paths you take in life, make sure a few of them are on dirt.” 

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"Working with Brian has given us a new marriage."

"We came to discernment counseling with little hope for our future. Through pointed and challenging conversations, Brian helped us learn things about ourselves and each other. And through that discovery process we began to see ourselves and each other in new ways. The experience has been life-changing. Our relationship today is one we could never have imagined before we met Brian. We are forever grateful."

-Former client (female, age 48)


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