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Collaborative Divorce

In some cases, continued work on the marriage is not the right answer. Couples in this situation worry about separating the family and the effect this will have on the children. While there are several ways to divorce, Collaborative Divorce is a good option for putting the best interests of the family and children at the forefront. Read more about Collaborative Divorce and divorce options here (MN) and here (WI).

During a Collaborative Divorce, Brian helps parents navigate the difficult process of making decisions about their children and the future. Children are often silent participants in divorce, yet are profoundly impacted. Brian serves the role of Family Specialist in the collaborative divorce process, which ensures the well being of the children is represented in the negotiations. Remaining neutral, Brian is able to provide the parents, collaborative attorneys and other team members, with valuable information, options, ideas and suggestions that reflect the best interests of the children.  

Collaborative Divorce: Services
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